Announcing Coherence 2.0 and CNC, the first open source IaC framework

Deploy your app to your customers' clouds.

Distribute your application securely to any AWS
or GCP cloud without Kubernetes.

Be enterprise customer ready. Get a PaaS-like developer experience that makes managing customer deployments easy.

Effortless Cloud Deployment

Easily deploy your application directly to your customer’s AWS or GCP cloud accounts without needing Kubernetes expertise.

Compliance and Control

Meet compliance requirements and give customers the control over their data with secure, behind-the-firewall deployments.

Streamlined App Config

Configure your app with ease using PaaS-level coherence.yml, eliminating the need for complex Helm charts or KOTS configuration.

Enhanced Developer Experience

Leverage a user-friendly dashboard for seamless deployment, management, and integration with tools like GitHub, Slack, and Datadog.

"Day 2" Operational Tools

Provide advanced toolboxes for data access and observability, ensuring smooth ongoing operations and management.

Rapid Customer Onboarding

Quickly onboard customers to their own cloud environments in minutes, with simple cloud and GitHub integration and easy-to-copy configurations.

Software Distribution Without Kubernetes

We recently rolled out a new set of functionality on Coherence to help our users deploy a full copy of their application into one of their customer’s cloud accounts.

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Don’t build all this stuff yourself. Coherence gets infrastructure work off your roadmap.