Announcing Coherence 2.0 and CNC, the first open source IaC framework
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Announcing Coherence 2.0 and CNC, the first open source IaC framework

We're launching our 2.0 version of Coherence which is powered by our new open source project, CNC, the first Infrastructure-as-Code framework.
June 26, 2024

We’re incredibly excited to share a little bit about what we’ve been working on the last few months, and we believe you’ll be very excited to hear about it!


We’re launching Coherence 2.0 AND announcing our new open source framework, CNC.

  • Coherence 2.0 is a next-generation developer platform that is the most flexible way to provision and deploy to environments in your own cloud.
  • CNC is an Infrastructure-as-Code framework that gives you total control over what your environments look like and how they work. 

Coherence 2.0 integrates your CNC apps directly into your cloud provider and source control (e.g. github), with a seamless UI/CLI for management and configuration.

Full Context

After 2 years and thousands of applications managed, we’ve learned a lot about the pain points developers face as they deploy their apps to the cloud and build tools to achieve a world class developer experience. As software teams evolve, their requirements change where they need both a streamlined infrastructure setup along with the ability to control and configure their infrastructure to fit their apps as they scale and grow. 

At Coherence, we need to support apps that fit all shapes and sizes. Our goal as we go forward is to offer a more modular and less opinionated product, where environments can be defined in their structure and behavior with the most flexible and sensible configuration possible.

This brings us to the relaunch of our platform, which we’re calling Coherence 2.0, and our new open source project, CNC.

CNC, the first Infrastructure-as-Code Framework, is the underlying IaC and build/deploy scripts that power Coherence, now available as an open source CLI. The IaC framework does the job of translating a high-level service definition into reference architecture based infrastructure across various environments — whether it’s for development, staging, production, or ephemeral environments. CNC will allow Coherence customers far more control and configurability than ever before and ultimately will allow Coherence to really grow with our customers. 

CNC also makes it possible to accommodate different shapes of apps and power integrations in a much more flexible manner, because it’s now possible to run the framework outside Coherence-managed systems. We envision a world where developers use CNC without the managed Coherence platform if it solves for their needs. You can check out the project here.

With the launch of CNC we’re also launching a new version of Coherence. All new users will automatically onboard to Coherence 2.0 at, which adds many highly-requested new features, such as:

  • Multi-repo app support
  • Environment cloning
  • Ability for any environment to track any branch, including production environments
  • Manage as many cloud accounts as you want
  • Better environment variables including terraform outputs as values and non-secret options

Additionally we’ve materially streamlined the onboarding process, so it’s an order of magnitude easier to get an app live and test out the Coherence platform. 

We’re eager to have you all try both Coherence 2.0 and CNC and please provide us with any and all feedback. We strive to provide a world class developer experience for teams of all types, please let us know what you think!