How should you host your app in 2024?

Preview Environments for every branch inYour AWS

Preview and test each PR with production grade, full-stack environments.

Now also supporing
Google Cloud

Remove Bottlenecks

With each PR generating its own dedicated preview environment, you can share and test your code instantly, speeding up the entire development cycle.

Robust Integration Testing

Integration tests run automatically in the newly created environment, ensuring seamless compatibility of your fresh code with the existing stack.

Superior Data Management

Deploy previews with full control over data either through seed scripts or migration steps. Streamline your data workflows for more robust testing and validation.

Minimize Bug Deployment

Coherence's support for both frontend and backend components bolsters production parity, giving you the confidence to ship releases with significantly fewer bugs.

Enhance Collaboration

With automated PR comments for each preview, your team members can effortlessly review and provide feedback on changes. This promotes a collaborative atmosphere, fostering efficient and effective development processes.

Accelerate Velocity

Discover and rectify bugs before they are shipped, freeing up more time for development. With Coherence, you can accelerate your pace, without compromising on quality.

Custom Vars/Secrets

Securely manage environment-specific variables and secrets with ease. Coherence gives you the power to tailor each environment to the needs of the specific branch.

Custom Domains

Add a unique touch to your preview environments with the option to add a custom domain, providing a personalized experience for your team and stakeholders.

Interactive Toolbox

Carry out tasks like REPL, one-off seeding, or data migrations to the deployed environment using the web-based SSH shell, or “Toolbox”. Make managing your environments as straightforward as possible.

Don’t build all this stuff yourself. Coherence gets infrastructure work off your roadmap.

Case study

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