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Create your Langchain and Pinecone powered AI app on AWS or GCP

Starter repo for GPT-powered AI apps using Langchain and Pinecone on top of AWS or GCP
June 27, 2023

Our latest starter repo makes it easy for anyone to build their own GPT-powered AI app using Langchain and Pinecone with Coherence on top of AWS or GCP. This is our second AI starter repo in addition to our OpenAI GPT starter and this time we’re open sourcing the repo we used to launch our GPT-powered Cloud Whitepaper Index.

This repo is designed to be a seamless way to get started with LangChain, Pinecone, and ChatGPT using a Svelte application on the frontend. It includes a Coherence YML so that it’s ready to scale with AWS and GCP using Coherence. 

Just onboard the repo, authorize your cloud, and start building using our ephemeral preview environments, automated infra-as-code in your cloud account and browser based dev environments. You can fork it, modify it, and build the app that you’re imagining.

Here’s the repo description from the README: “This is the foundation for the Cloud Whitepaper Index where you can chat with an AI Cloud Architect referencing over 500 AWS & GCP Whitepapers. It should be very easy (and fun!) to modify this into a "chat with your own docs" app. Even if you're not building a chat app, it's an easy way to get started with these amazing technologies and build the app you're excited about.”

Coherence removes all the “glue code” and toil associated with working in a cloud-native application. We give you a 10x infrastructure team on your side, so that you can focus on delighting your users. For AI-powered apps, it is important to have automated environments that showcase your technology as it changes - and now with Coherence you can get them without all the boilerplate and busywork. 

If you want to give Coherence a try, we offer onboarding support and a one-month free trial, as well as an always-free usage tier. Our team is happy to chat with you to give a demo, answer questions, or help you get started, schedule some time here.