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The Cloud Whitepaper Index: Langchain, Pinecone & ChatGPT powered Q&A

We are excited to introduce our latest project, The Cloud Whitepaper Index, which leverages generative AI to give you an AI-powered Cloud Architecture expert. 
June 13, 2023

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We are excited to introduce our latest project, The Cloud Whitepaper Index, which leverages generative AI powered by ChatGPT to make the treasure trove of cloud whitepapers from industry giants like AWS and GCP accessible like never before. You can find the Cloud Whitepaper Index at

The Cloud Whitepaper index provides an unprecedented service: it allows users to chat with an index of over 500 cloud whitepapers, packed with industry-leading insights and best practices. These whitepapers, often locked behind dense jargon and technical complexity, are now available to you through an interactive, AI-powered model that simplifies this giant pile of information. The index will search these documents using vector search and embeddings (stored in Pinecone), and will incorporate this contextual information into its answers as you chat with it. We are including almost 500 documents across a wide range of topics, with each document having its own detailed listing page with a GPT-generated description and tags, too! The chat interface will surface the sources used in each answer and link you to them seamlessly, making it easy to dive deeper.

Think of it as a cloud architect on standby, always ready to share relevant wisdom from the extensive archives of the AWS and GCP whitepapers. Ask questions, dive into details, and gain comprehensive insights on a wide range of topics, from system planning to IAM and VPC configuration, to the intricate details of DevOps strategies across various cloud providers. We’re excited to create a space that encourages knowledge sharing, tech innovation, and collaboration in the DevOps community.

Open-Sourced and Ready to Deploy

The project’s repository, which will soon be open-sourced (look for an announcement in the coming weeks!), is built on an advanced tech stack featuring Langchain (shout-out to ConversationalRetrievalChain) for language modeling, Pinecone for vector search, and ChatGPT from OpenAI for language generation. Our aim is to demonstrate how you can build an application on Coherence using these technologies, including ephemeral full-stack branch preview environments, managed CI/CD, best-practice deployments and cloud development environments - all in your AWS or GCP account.

To ensure that you hit the ground running, we've carefully designed the repo to serve as a starter template for your projects. You can quickly adapt the design and tech stack to your needs, saving valuable time and resources, while also understanding how these technologies can work in harmony.

The Future is Coherent

Our vision for Coherence is to create a product that removes all the “glue code” and toil associated with working in a cloud-native application. We want you to have a 10x infrastructure team on your side, so that you can focus on delighting your users. For AI-powered apps, it is important to have environments that showcase your technology - and now with Coherence you can get them without all the boilerplate and busywork. 

If you want to give Coherence a try, we offer onboarding support and a one-month trial to anyone who registers and gets in touch. Our team is happy to chat with you to give a demo, answer questions, or help you get started, schedule some time here.