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RedwoodJS and Coherence: Empowering Startups with Seamless Deployment

Leverage the full potential of RedwoodJS while taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility offered by AWS and GCP with Coherence.
May 23, 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of software development, startups are always on the lookout for frameworks that offer both efficiency and ease of use. RedwoodJS, a modern full-stack framework, has emerged as an exciting option for startups seeking a seamless integration of frontend and backend. While RedwoodJS has primarily focused on deployment through platform-as-a-service providers and serverless architecture, there is now an alternative path for teams looking to deploy their RedwoodJS applications to cloud platforms like AWS and GCP. We’re excited to announce Coherence as the first deployment solution for RedwoodJS on both AWS and GCP.

Seamless Integration of Frontend and Backend

One of the key advantages of RedwoodJS is its ability to seamlessly integrate frontend and backend development. By combining the power of React and GraphQL, RedwoodJS provides developers with a unified development experience. This integration ensures smoother collaboration between frontend and backend teams, resulting in faster development cycles and improved productivity.

Traditional Deployment Options

Historically, RedwoodJS has predominantly relied on platform-as-a-service providers and serverless deployment options. These options have proven to be effective and user-friendly for many developers. However, some teams may prefer deploying their applications on cloud platforms like AWS and GCP due to specific requirements or preferences.

Introducing Coherence for RedwoodJS

To address this need, Coherence enters the picture as an alternative deployment solution for RedwoodJS applications on AWS and GCP. Coherence aims to bring the same quality of developer experience that RedwoodJS offers to the deployment process, empowering startups to deploy their applications seamlessly on their preferred cloud platforms. With Coherence, teams can leverage the full potential of RedwoodJS while taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility offered by AWS and GCP.

Collaboration and Future Improvements

Coherence's integration with RedwoodJS is currently in its initial version (V1). This opens up exciting opportunities for collaboration between the Coherence team and the Redwood team to further enhance the speed and performance of RedwoodJS deployments. The partnership between the teams has been instrumental in bringing this solution to life, and they continue to work together to refine and improve the deployment experience. We especially want to shout out Dominic Saadi’s collaboration on getting this live.

Getting Started with Coherence

If you're interested in exploring Coherence for RedwoodJS, the good news is that you can get started right away. We offers free onboarding support and a one-month trial to anyone who wants to try our solution. To begin, refer to the documentation provided by RedwoodJS for Coherence deployments. Additionally, you can find more details on customizing the integration including adding redis, workers, cron, and cloud development environments in our docs. Our team is happy to chat live to give a demo, answer questions, or help you get started, schedule some time here