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On-Demand Webinar: End-to-end testing with Ephemeral Preview Environments

A recap of our webinar for end-to-end testing with Ephemeral Preview Environments on Coherence.
November 20, 2023

We recently hosted a webinar where we demonstrated how to run end-to-end tests with Playwright using Ephemeral Preview Environments on Coherence. 

Here is a recording if you’d like to watch

A summary of what we covered:

What Are Ephemeral Preview Environments in Coherence?

Dedicated staging environments that are automatically spun up and spun down with every PR. In Coherence, Preview Environments are full-stack, meaning they can have a backend and a database. They support database seeding and snapshot loading and support all dependencies.

What are the Benefits of Ephemeral Preview Environments?

  • Remove staging bottlenecks
  • Always run the code you are reviewing 
  • Minimize Prod Incidents
  • Enhance Collaboration w/ your team 
  • They ultimately lead to increased quality of code and acceleration of development velocity

What makes Ephemeral Previews in Coherence unique?

  • In your own cloud account, production-like
  • Secrets managed using your cloud secrets manager with seamless DX
  • Managed Build, Deploy, Testing, Integration Testing Pipelines
  • Enable easy to do end-to-end integration testing for branches

What we demonstrated:

Thanks for checking our our webinar recap. We hope to see you at our next live webinar! Give Ephemeral Preview Environments a spin on Coherence and let us know what you think. We're happy to help you get set up.