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Introducing Coherence

We're building the world's first Developer Experience Platform.
April 13, 2022

Introducing Coherence, the first Developer Experience Platform. We orchestrate your developer tool chain so your team can focus on building software that people love. Our mission is to provide software teams with a great developer experience - for us that means orders-of-magnitude less “glue” and “yak shaving” than we’re all used to. An integrated toolchain means understanding that the SDLC starts before code is written and ends after code is deployed. Our tools should make it easy to think about these needs holistically, to move between stages of them seamlessly, and to do better than “good enough” when configuring and managing them.

The breadth and velocity of the developer tooling market means it shouldn’t be controversial to say that most developers feel their experience could be improved, as many have written about. Coherence is delivering a full-stack tool that is comprehensive, elegant, flexible, and meets developers where they are today. You don’t need to rewrite your app, choose new vendors, or abandon your current SDLC in order to get the benefits we’re offering. Being migration-friendly while still offering an experience that is magnitudes better than what teams are building themselves is an important part of our philosophy.

When we look years into the future, our hope is that software development will not involve so much configuration and coordination. The recent explosion in vendor count per team is not sustainable, nor is it smart from a supply chain point of view. Ultimately, our thesis is that a better developer experience will make teams more inclusive and help companies push their products closer to what their users and customers truly need. And that an integrated product for your whole SDLC, which plays well with the cloud ecosystem, and removes glue code but maintains choice and autonomy, is the right product to deliver that experience.

We’re building Coherence because we’re excited to build that product. We believe that development teams in the 21st century should have a “10x” better toolkit that lets them focus on understanding and delivering value for their users. We’re excited to show you what that toolkit looks like. You can sign up for our beta waitlist below.

PS - If you’re excited to help make these tools a reality and build a world class company, great! Check out our job posting, and feel free to reach out to