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Head in the Clouds: Navigating the Vast Landscape of AWS re:Invent 2023

A recap of our first time at AWS re:Invent
December 14, 2023


Earlier this fall Zach and I decided we needed to attend AWS re:Invent for the first time. Given the amazing support we’ve received from our customers and partners over the last year we knew it was time to see what the hype was all about, and we were not disappointed! 

We got to Vegas the Monday after Thanksgiving and as we walked the strip we started to realize that the sheer size of the event was something else— the whole strip was more like a tech village than a conference. From the moment we stepped into The Venetian, it was evident that AWS re:Invent was not just a conference; it was a grand spectacle, a convergence of innovation, and a gateway to the future of cloud computing. We felt fortunate to be able to attend and participate in the vibrant ecosystem that AWS has fostered. 

Here's a rundown of our journey through the rainforest.

The Unveiling of Possibilities:

AWS leaders took the stage throughout the week, unveiling a roadmap that stretched into the future of cloud innovation. From the latest advancements in generative AI to tools like AWS Bedrock that promised to reshape how enterprises innovate, the scale of the revelations left us in awe of the potential that lay ahead. It’s clear that there is an arms race amongst the big cloud providers which provide enterprises with both opportunity for step change advancement but also potentially even more complexity to wrangle. 

Generative AI on the Grand Stage:

Amidst the sea of innovation, the emphasis on generative AI emerged as a prevailing theme. The keynote speakers painted a vivid picture of a future where AI transcends traditional boundaries, becoming a driving force for creativity and problem-solving. The vision shared by AWS leaders showcased not only the present capabilities of generative AI but also its potential to shape the future of enterprise solutions.

AWS Bedrock emerged as a star player in the AWS re:Invent narrative, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to accelerate the adoption and experimentation of generative AI. This platform provides a stable foundation for enterprises to build, scale, and optimize AI applications seamlessly. From model development and training to deployment and monitoring, AWS Bedrock simplifies the end-to-end process, empowering organizations to focus on innovation rather than grappling with complex technical intricacies.

A key message echoed by AWS was the commitment to democratizing AI capabilities. Generative AI is no longer confined to data science experts; AWS aims to empower developers, business analysts, and professionals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to the AI revolution. Through user-friendly interfaces, pre-built models, and extensive documentation, AWS seeks to bridge the gap between traditional enterprise workflows and the cutting-edge world of generative AI.

Throughout the week Zach and I had conversations about the Generative AI hype cycle. It’s clear that the AI revolution is here and evolving rapidly. What we’re constantly thinking about is how practical the applications are today, how aggressively will enterprise organizations embrace this new paradigm and what role can Coherence play in that journey. From a product perspective we’ve already been weaving AI into the product organically where it makes sense and we’ll continue to do so. The other thought we had was around how we can help enterprise organizations test their own AI initiatives easily. Could we offer up coherence as a playground for R&D projects?  

Navigating the Expanse:

The expo hall, a sprawling landscape of booths and exhibits, was a microcosm of the cloud ecosystem. Navigating this expansive space, we encountered startups pushing the boundaries of possibility, established giants showcasing their prowess, and AWS itself representing their breath and depth of solutions. The vastness of the expo hall mirrored the endless opportunities for collaboration, learning, and networking in the world of cloud computing. 

We were fortunate enough to meet with so many people on various AWS teams across the expansive product lines and a recurring theme we heard from them was about the opportunities for a streamlined developer experience and Internal Developer Platforms really starting to emerge across their customer base. We had the pleasure of being invited to the AWS for Software Companies Executive Forum where these themes continued with panel conversations around increasing efficiency while AI provides an opportunity for teams to do more software development in house. 

The added benefit of attending such an expansive event was the serendipitous relationships we formed with potential customers, complimentary technology partners and run-ins with colleagues. We had the opportunity to connect with folks at technology partners like, DBeaver and Pulumi, build new relationships with powerhouse consultancies like Slalom and Cognizant and catch up with our IDP friends at Qovery


AWS re:Invent 2023 was more than just a conference; it was a pilgrimage into the vast and dynamic world of cloud computing being built on the shoulders of giants like AWS. The size and scale of the event mirrored the enormity of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for Coherence. As we navigate this intricate landscape, the memories of the grandeur of re:Invent serve as a powerful reminder of the transformative journey that awaits us in the realm of cloud technology. With awe-inspiring experiences etched in our minds, we embark on the next chapter, fueled by the knowledge that the world of cloud computing is as boundless as our imagination. We look forward to coming back next year in a much bigger way!