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Developer Experience Roundup 8.10.22

Our first roundup of articles that caught our attention recently 8.10.22
August 12, 2022

From time to time we’ll share some articles that caught our attention. Here are a few that sparked some great conversation on our end:

Remote Development at Slack - Cloud IDEs are one of the primary components that we’re integrating into our platform. Writing code in the cloud is still in its early stages and it’s probably the most controversial piece of what we’re building. That said, we believe there are a range of benefits that make it worth taking a shot on this new paradigm. Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it, as they say. Sylvestor George writes about improved developer experience and what the reception and adoption has been across their teams.

Reduce Friction - CJ Silvero writes about why it’s so important to reduce friction (and how silly it is that it’s even a question) and provides suggestions on how to go about it. Nothing makes a bigger difference in the day to day experience of building software. How do you make changes to increase ownership, velocity, and product results? At Coherence we like to say that we’ll orchestrate your developer toolchain, so you don’t have to. Ultimately this is all about reducing friction so teams can focus on writing and shipping code specific to their business. The prevailing sentiment historically has been that this work needs to be done internally. Our point of view is that Coherence now provides an option that is available “off the shelf.” 

“Who Should Write the Terraform?” - Ian Miell asks and answers the question of who should own the DevOps/Platform work that only grows as a team scales. We all know that this type of experience is in high demand and not necessarily easy to come by but the work is foundational for any development team that wants to move efficiently. Our hope is that we can provide a best in class Developer Experience with and take a lot of this type of work off of teams’ plates. 

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