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Developer Experience Roundup 2.15.23

In this week's roundup we discuss AI and PaaS, Tech Debt and Staging Environments
February 15, 2023

AI, PaaS and Punctuated Equilibrium - We wrote about AI and the future of DevOps just as ChatGPT came into the mainstream and in this article Stephen O’Grady provides his own point of view on how AI can augment platform engineering and the PaaS category of tools. One logical use case is using AI to prescribe a recommended toolchain from the vast array of options that exist within the ecosystem, many of which are provided by AWS, GCP and Azure. Stephen also points out the potential conflict of interest in that the same clouds that are providing the tooling are likely also going to be hosting the AI making the recommendations. We hope to be at the forefront of advancement in this space, it’s going to be interesting to watch.

We invested 10% to pay back tech debt; Here's what happened - Alex Ewerlöf explains how their team committed to 10% of their time, every other Friday, being proactively spent on rectifying tech debt. By ingraining this process into their ethos not only were they more efficient because issues didn’t compound over time, they also made a conscious effort not to create the issues in the first place. 

Building a Staging Environment for Data Teams - Orit Mansur explains the importance of having a staging environment for data teams. The article discusses the benefits of using a staging environment, including testing data pipelines and improving data quality. We’ve long held the belief that ephemeral environments and full stack previews not only increase development velocity, but also empower tangential teams, like BI, Product Management and Sales. At Coherence we believe it makes more sense to have previews for every branch that are automatically spun up for you.