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Coherence Now Supports Neon: A Leap Forward for Serverless Postgres Databases

We are thrilled to announce that Coherence now supports Neon as a new database provider.
October 4, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Coherence now supports Neon as a new database provider. This integration is a step forward for anyone looking to leverage serverless Postgres databases. We now offer the most seamless Neon integration available for preview environments, with zero scripting or complex configuration required.

Understanding Neon and Its Power

Neon is not your average database provider. It reimagines the traditional perspective on data management. Imagine being able to branch out your data as swiftly and efficiently as you branch your code. This magical experience is what Neon offers.

The branching mechanism in Neon is fast, cost-effective, and eliminates the need for data replication. Thanks to the smart utilization of copy-on-write technology, Neon ensures that each branch remains isolated from its parent. This means you can freely modify or delete branches without the fear of compromising the integrity of the original data. This feature becomes a game-changer especially for preview environments. Keeping data up to date in these environments has always been a pain point!

When you kickstart a project with Neon, a "main" branch is generated. This branch is typically your production environment's backbone. And branching from this mainstay allows the creation of dedicated environments for development or previews.

How Coherence Benefits from Neon

Coherence offers your team a world-class developer experience to manage environments and deployments. Like an internal developer platform that teams can purchase rather than invest precious time building, Coherence’s capabilities span from a cloud IDE and full-stack branch previews to automated infra as code, CI pipelines, and seamlessly managed self-service deployments for your staging and production environments.

By integrating Neon, Coherence amplifies its offerings:

  • Serverless Postgres Databases: Coherence customers can now effortlessly deploy serverless Postgres databases, enjoying scalability without the constraints of server management.
  • Enhanced Development Environments: With Neon's branching capability, developers can create isolated environments for testing, ensuring that the main production data remains unaffected.
  • Optimized Costs: Neon's efficient branching mechanism, which negates the need for data replication, means more savings for Coherence users.
  • Flexibility and Speed: Whether it's for testing new features, running diagnostics, or creating previews, branching with Neon is swift, ensuring developers don’t lose momentum.

To use Neon in your Coherence app, just add a few lines of config to your Postgres resource in your coherence.yml, and set your API key & password. Read more on our docs here. That’s it, and your team will be off to the races with better, faster, cheaper preview environments.

We’re excited about the new options this integration unlocks for our customers. Developers can now leverage the benefits of Coherence's robust platform and the low-cost and great developer experience of Neon's innovative branching database system.