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Accelerate your DORA performance

Accelerate your DORA performance with Coherence
May 18, 2022

DORA has become one of the most widely adopted ways to measure an engineering organization’s performance. At Coherence, we are building a toolchain that will immediately put you in a position to be an elite team - without having to rebuild all your tooling and processes yourself. Many tools are being sold as helping you improve DORA performance by measuring the components of performance - but how many are doing the work of getting better for you?

  • Our tooling is built around key DORA technical characteristics such as version control, trunk based development, database change management, continuous integration/testing/delivery, cloud infrastructure-as-code, tool choice using containers and managed cloud services, security features like vulnerability scanning, binary authorization, application hardening, and leveraging tools like WAF/DDoS protection built-in to your cloud platform
  • We make it easy to see what work is in progress, to work in small chunks, and to get quick feedback from stakeholders across the organization/ecosystem. Our self-service developer portal empowers devs directly, without any “devops team” in the tight parts of the loop
  • We configure observability, monitoring, and exception alerting out of the box. And we make it easy to look at our dashboard and navigate to the information you need, using visual tools
  • Transparency, flexibility, and abstraction - all backed by well-accepted best-practices, all combine to make Coherence a bedrock of cultural transformation for your team

This means your toolchain helps you create positive feedback loops  in performance on key metrics, as defined by DORA:

  • Change Lead Time
  • Deployment Frequency
  • Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR)
  • Change Failure Rate

Here's how we help in each category:

  • We make it easy for you to deploy as often as you want to any environment and any application, using our hosted dashboard
  • It’s our responsibility to manage the pipeline that builds, tests, and delivers your code -  and we make sure it happens as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or safety
  • With high-availability built into the architectures we deploy for you, and automated deployment to new environments in different regions as needed - we can help make disaster recovery and response first-class citizens for your business continuity and incident response plans
  • Keeping your change failure rate low requires that stakeholders, reviewers, and testers are all able run your code in similar environments to where it will be deployed. With managed dev, review/preview/branch, staging, and production environments all configured for you automatically - Coherence makes this easy. We offer service (unit) and application level (integration) testing including managed dependencies built into your toolchain - without any additional glue code! If you leverage these capabilities you will detect issues with changes as early as possible and avoid production service degradation and incidents.